Chelsea Laub

This Is Your Year

Chelsea Laub
This Is Your Year

I had this long post prepared about how 2017 was a really hard and crappy year. A post about how I learned all these lessons, and now I'm ready to be perfect in 2018. But, about half way through it, I realized that I was spewing a bunch of BS. 

2017 wasn't that crappy of a year. I learned some lessons, but I'm still learning them in 2018. Not that much has changed, and not that much will this year either. 

2017 was a year of growth. And 2018 will be too. 

About a year ago, my best friend (hi, Kristian!) bought me a plate that says, "This is your year." It really felt like it was going to be "my year." I had big hopes for where my life would be by December 31st. How much money I'd be making, what my house would look like, how my personal relationships would flourish, how good of shape I'd be in, how mindful I'd be, what kind of car I'd be driving...

Enter 12/31/17...
- I'm not going to share how much money I made (nice try, you sly fox), but I missed my goal.
- My house looks *almost* the same (except for a couple of painted walls & rearranged furniture)
- Relationships with everyone felt like a lot of work - setting boundaries, being present, being patient, realizing the world doesn't revolve around me (say what!?) 
- I'm in a little worse shape today than I was on 1/1/17
- I'm just as un-mindful as I was when I made my resolution
and - I'm still driving my 2012 Ford Fusion

What did I even do this year!?

I did so much, you guys! This really WAS my year!

  • I was nominated & selected for Ingram's Magazine's 20 In Their 20's
  • I developed & implemented a workshop designed to empower women through financial education.
  • I moved into my own office & finalized my branding for my business (launching soon).
  • I exceeded my seminar goal by 40%. 
  • I hired my first full-time staff person.
  • We developed a new educational program (YOU | KC) for Underground Social, recruited approximately 40 new members, and more than doubled the size of our board.
  • I spoke on a national panel & presented at a regional conference.
  • I had 457 meetings, and met 417 new people.
  • I bought my wedding dress & planned *almost all of* my wedding.
  • Passed my Series 65 on my first try!
  • I read 13 books! 
  • I set boundaries, and learned now to brush it off when people tried to rain on my parade. 
  • I had my first float tank experience.
  • I saw my first solar eclipse.
  • I discovered mine & Lonnie's "Love Languages," and learned how to communicate better.
  • I started this blog!
  • I visited Des Moines, Colorado, Chicago, Indianapolis, Omaha, & Dallas.

And the people around me? They did awesome things too! 

  • Parker lost 4 teeth in 2 weeks, learned how to cook dinner, learned how to roller blade, and started 2nd grade
  • Lonnie's parents got an awesome new pool.
  • Lonnie got a kickass new job.
  • My best friend got engaged!
  • My Mastermind girls FREAKING KILLED IT this year with 3 new jobs, an engagement, 2 new houses, 2 new dogs, a baby, a 40-mile bike ride & $1,000 for Bike for MS, and a BBBS Most Wanted Honoree (who happened to raise a ton of money too).
  • My brother & sister-in-law finalized my brother's legal adoption of my nephew, Noah. 

But, it certainly wasn't all sunshine and roses. I learned a lot of lessons this year too. I learned the importance of being present. I learned the ugly truth about how much time I actually spend on my phone (download the Moment app to see for yourself). I learned some hard truths about myself (thanks to the book Mindset by Carol Dweck). I struggled to find a healthy balance between myself + Lonnie + Parker + work + Underground Social + Socialheart + friends + health + a clean house + everything else. I learned about the "boom & bust" mentality. I lost a grandparent. I let fear get the best of me more times than I would like to admit. I pumped the brakes when I should have been hitting the gas. I cried. I tried to do Whole 30, and only made it 13 days. I didn't travel like I wanted to. I stressed about money. I stressed about stress. I stressed about being stressed about stress. I had a short fuse with the people I love the most. I let the voices of others influence my own behavior. I made excuses. I froze. I forgot to laugh. I was too busy to play. My house, car, & office were a complete mess most of the year...

But, you know what? I'm still here today. I know that I'm going to make some of those same mistakes in 2018. I'm going to continue to learn, and to grow, and to love, and to screw up, and to be an absolute mess... because that's what I do. 2017 was my year. And, 2018 will be too.